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Global Submarine Cable System Construction Will Enter a Peak Period

2019/6/26 23:07:00

At the "Next Generation Optical transport network Forum" held recently, members of the NGOF large-capacity WDM transmission working group and the submarine cable communication working group delivered a keynote speech entitled "Technology and Application Development of WDM Transmission".

The expert said that the TeleGeography report shows that more than 95% of the world's international data is transmitted through submarine fiber optic cables. The submarine cable system is the most important information carrier for contemporary global communications. And the interconnectivity of international submarine cables directly determines the communication level of a country.

The experts said that the data center interconnection and Internet bandwidth demand will continue to grow in the next few years, and the global submarine cable will enter a new period of replacement, forming a time window for the submarine cable layout. In 2016, the Trans-Pacific, Trans-Atlantic and Asia-Europe submarine cable systems have begun to upgrade and the global submarine cable system construction has entered the third peak period.

The expert said that the NGOF submarine cable communication working group is mainly engaged in studying the networking and application of submarine cable systems, as well as the technical requirements of equipment, including relay-equipped systems and non-relay systems. In addition, it is also involved in submarine cable devices and submarine optical fiber and cables.

According to him, led by ZTT, many units from China and other countries participated in the revision of the CCSA industry standard “Submarine Fiber Optic Cable”. According to the standard, submarine cables is divided into submarine cables for relay-equipped systems and non-relay systems based on system applications; and based on the depth, environment and mode of laying, they are divided into differently armored submarine cables. The classification, application, requirements and test methods of submarine cables have been systematically and completely sorted out, and specific guidance and suggestions have been put forward for the manufacturing, application and maintenance of submarine cables in China.

Although China's submarine cable communication technology capability is still seriously inadequate, China is actively participating in the process of economic globalization. Internet enterprises are also accelerating the expansion of overseas business. Compared with the future development of international traffic and other major countries in the world, the national "The Belt and Road" initiative has brought important opportunities for the development of submarine cable industry.

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