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Zhejiang Zhoushan 500kV Project Successfully Ended, Unveiling New Vision of ZTT Marine Transmission

2019/6/22 9:56:04

According to good news from Zhoushan on June 15, the 500kV XLPE insulated AC submarine cable with globally highest voltage grade provided by ZTT for the second circuit of transmission line project of Zhoushan 500kV Northern Network Channel in Zhejiang successfully passed completion acceptance tests involving AC voltage withstand test. The leaders and experts from State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Electric Power Research Institute, Zhoushan Transmission Technology Research Institute and other agencies witnessed.

As the first brand of China’s submarine cable, ZTT always led the industry innovation in the research and development of ultra-high voltage submarine cable technology. The company combined years of experience in the development of high-voltage submarine cable, conducted multi-directional technological breakthroughs in the cleanliness control of ultra high-voltage material of 500kV cross-linked submarine cable, long-length and great-thickness insulation extrusion technology, dynamic "hot convection" degassing technology, lead sleeve and armored interconnection grounding technology, ultra-high voltage soft joint technology and other fields, solving substantially worldwide technical problems. In 2016, ZTT successfully developed the 500kV XLPE insulated submarine optical cable system (including flexible and service joints), the company became the first one-time passing the type test and pre-qualification test globally, becoming the only one being approved in the identification on new products and technologies organized by China Electricity Council and Jiangsu Economic and Information Committee, promoted the development of China's submarine transmission technologies and providing strong technical strength for the construction of global energy Internet.

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Zhoushan 500kV network transmission and transformation project was the 500kV trans-region & trans-substation power transmission and transformation project in Zhejiang Power Grid. The 500kV XLPE insulated submarine fiber optical composite  cable also represented top technical level in the submarine cable field in the world. ZTT Submarine won the longest section of two circuits of this Project. The company carefully organized and proposed higher and stricter quality control requirements during the implementation of the project, and the company conducted thorough and effective process control, comprehensive inspection and technical training in all the production processes based on the project manager system, completing the delivery of the two-circuit products. Presently, the 500kV submarine fiber optical composite  cable with the length of 18.25km provided for one-circuit line is being operated safely and steadily.

Xue Jianling, GM of ZTT Submarine said Zhoushan 500kV network transmission and transformation project in Zhejiang successfully was approved in the acceptance test, indicating China’s marine transmission technology achieved the voltage level ranging from 220kV to 500kV. The global submarine cable industry is booming, the company will actively participate in global distribution of submarine cable, and the company will facilitate China’s marine transmission technologies entering the top rank in the world in accordance with the strategy of “Systemization-oriented Development and General Contracting-oriented Development of Oceanographic Engineering”. 

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