Fiber outlet



-The Wall-mounting type faceplate is newly developed product of our company. It can be applied for fiber’s splicing, distributing and splitting. Also can help optical fiber cable lead in, fixed, peeled and store the redundant fibers. It can be mounted on wall, easy to installation and maintenance.

Product Characteristics

ABS material used ensures the body strong and light.

Easy installations: Mount on wall or just put on the ground.

Totally enclosed structure, dust proof, and nice appearance, can guarantee the optical fiber minimum bending radius >30mm.

Flexible adaptor cassette can accommodate multiple kinds of adaptors, like SC, LC, duplex SC, duplex LC, etc.

Offer secure environment for adapters, patch cords and pigtails.


Temperature: -50C to 600C

Humidity: 90% at 300C

Air pressure: 70KPa—106KPa

Ordering information

Indicate the type and number of adapter.

Indicate the number of optical fiber installing.

Indicate the number of optical fiber splicing.