Integrative gather frame



-Multi-purpose cabinet can provide 19’’ mounting space, to integrate all the active and passive 19’’ standard equipment in one cabinet. It is flexible to install ODF , DDF, and MDF cell board, to form a multi-purpose cabinet. The multi-purpose cabinet is an ideal distribution equipment for the communication network’s remote office and module.

Product Characteristics

High quality cold-rolled plate, with beautiful appearance.

Front glass door with lock, rear steel plate door with nets for ventilation.

Fan on top, good thermal performance.

19” rack mounting, all the doors and clapboard can be uploaded.

220V voltage, European-style socket plate.

Easy operation, good wiring; Good grounding system.


Insulating resistance between the metal parts of the body and grounding fitting: ≥103MΩ/500V(DC).

Voltage Proof: 3000VDC.

Operation Environment Temperature :-5℃~+40℃.

Relative humidity: ≤85%.

Ordering information

Indicate the accessories to be installed, front and back door type.