Case Study of PCCW FTTX in Hongkong

1.Project Background

Client: PCCW

Project Name: PCCW FTTX Cable Supply

Products and quantity: Two year supply of FTTX Cables

Supply Period: December 2009- December 2011



1.Short Lead Time

2.Strict Requirements of Tight Buffer Fiber: 0.91+/-0.02mm

3.Strict Requirements of packing and reel length

4.Aimed at the project, ZTT designed and developed new FTTX cables: round-shaped drop cable and low-abrasion cable.

5.For indoor application, the cables have strict requirements on bending and fire-proof.  



1.It has significant influence of ZTT to supply telecom products to PCWW, the top player in Hongkong telecom industry.

2.PCCW offered short lead time, the company successfully made the delivery of its products in a timely and quality manner. 

3.The project is a successful sample of supplying indoor FTTX cables to the developed market, from structure designing-commercial contracts-delivery-installation guidance-after-sales service, providing valuable experience for significant biding and supplying projects and design of new FTTX cables.

4.Till present, ZTT has supplied over 6000KM FTTX cables to PCCW, reaching 2million USD. 


4.Project Contact  

Telephone:+86 13585212878