State Grid Xiangjiaba-Shanghai DC ±800kv Transmission Project

1.Project Background

The Client: State Grid

Project Title: Xiangjiaba-Shanghai DC ±800kV Transmission Project

Objectives: To enhance the hydro-power transmission capacity from Southwest China to Eastern China, boosting West Development Plan, optimizing resource allocation and green energy, coordinating regional development, safeguarding the power supply of Eastern China region.

Items: Conductors, OPGW, Grounding wires, Fittings & Accessories, Insulators, Pylons


-2008-2009: Comprehensive design plan

-2009.6: Signing of Supply Contract

-2010.7: Completion and Test Run

2.Relevant Issues

Basic Research Items

-World-class product quality

-Competitive Price

-Timely Delivery

Special Requirements

-Four pylons crossing Changjiang River, high strength, super stableness and anti-vibration requirements.

-Ice-bearing, low temperature

3.ZTT Value Elements

Core Element 1: Strict Field Test of the Client

ZTT successfully passed the client’s field test, proving high quality performance of the products

Core Element 2: Timely delivery and competitive Price

ZTT products greatly reduced the project cost and met the short project time.

Core Element 3: Develop and produce customer tailored products with special requirements

ZTT provided the client with the products and large-span solution.

4.Significance of the Project

Xiangjiaba-Shanghai ±800Kv EHV DC transmission project has a rated voltage of ±800Kv, rated current of 4000 Ampere, rated power of 6400,000KW, total 1907KM long. The project is world’s highest voltage, power transmission project adopting the most advanced technologies.

ZTT’s participancy of the project demonstrates its world-class capacity and quality, earning ZTT fittings of high reputation and influence in UHV market.