State Grid Jinping-Sunan ±800kV DC Transmission Project Fittings for conductors and OPGW

1.Project Profile

Client: State Grid

Project Name: Jinping-Sunan ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Project

Objectives: To meet the increasing power demand of Eastern China region, providing solid support for Yangtze Delta economic development, further enhancing the National Smart Grid Network with the backbone of UHV network.

Main Items: Conductor, OPGW, Grounding wires, Fittings, Insulators, Pylon


-2010-2011;Comprehensive plan design

-2011.7:Signing of supply contract

-2012:Completion and test run


2.Relevant Issues

Basic Research Items

-World-class product quality

-Competitive Price

-Timely Delivery

Special Requirements:

-Super high strength, stableness and anti-vibration

-Ice-bearing and low temperature


3.ZTT Value Elements

Core Element 1: Strict field tests by the client

ZTT successfully passed the client’s field test, proving its product high quality performance.

Core Element 2: Timely delivery and competitive price

ZTT greatly reduced the project cost and met the short project time.

Core Element 3: Customer tailored special solution plans

ZTT provided the client with comprehensive conductors and OPGW package plan.


4.Project Significance

Jinping-Sunan ±800kV UHV DC Transmission Project starts from Xichang to Jiangsu Wujiang convertor station, with a transmission distance of 2090.5KM. It is the key part of the UHV transmission network of China and the sample project of its kind.

ZTT provided the OPGW fittings for the former project and OPGW & Conductor fittings for this one, reaching a contract value of 20million RMB. These two projects bear great significance for the ZTT company, earning a significant position in the world’s most advanced UHV transmission lines.