Statement of non-pollution production to human body and environment

ZTT production is completely environmental friendly and non-pollution to the human body.

ZTT marked the world environmental day by “green manufacturing” and has been achieving friendly environment as mission during the process of manufacturing.

ZTT purchased equipment of value for processing waste water and gasses and for the clean of raw material of optical fiber. The pre and after treatment are combined and comply with national standard tested by environmental protection bureau.

ZTT have made great strides in reducing many harmful pollutants from air. Thus utilities are used to cut pollution and health benefits would result.

ZTT obeys the laws, and other requirements associated with the environment factors of the company, the commitment on continuously improving and preventing pollution, laying foundation for ZTT goals, targets, scheme, determining the basis for evaluating ZTT environment act.

ZTT realizes the importance of implementing sustainable development and protecting environment and upholds te aim of protecting environment, saving resources, and sustainable development to pursue the environment management system.

ZTT products are designed to provide to customer with the product green reliability. ZTT has walked in the forefront of domestic industry in implementing environmental management systems and other aspects.

Green manufacturing is the human needs and also the needs of enterprises development strategy. ZTT is willing to make great efforts with social circles to create a green home for people around the world.