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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

ZTT believes that a sound enterprise of constant development not only stands for a healthy and safe working style but also represents what the company has brought to the society.

As the leading enterprise in China’s Optic Fiber Cable industry with prior significance, ZTT has taken the Green Manufacture and Social Harmony as its value, issuing the first Enterprise Social Liability Report in the industry in China, achieving the objectives of resource efficiency and environmental friendly. In 2009, ZTT was among the Benchmark Enterprise of Social Liability in China Telecom Industry. The company holds fast to the principles of Honesty, Industriousness, Thrifty and Pioneering Courage. Armed with information technology and systematic & scientific management, ZTT has been constantly upgrading its core competitiveness. The company has obtained the following certificates: ISO9001,ISO14001,OHSAS18001,ROHS,UL,ensuring scientific management and core competitiveness.

ZTT boasts a team of academicians,industry leading talents and senior technical and managerial professionals as well as experienced and well-skilled technicians and operators,laying a solid foundation for industry development.

Innovation and R&D Strategies of ZTT
Technical innovation is the eternal subject of enterprises.The constant technical innovation ability is the drive for enterprise sustainable development.ZTT upholds proprietary intellectual property rights,solving key problems in the process with success,opening up a trial of independent core technologies,technology hatchment, constant innovation and scale operation.

ZTT has the following institutes and centers: National Post-doctoral Research Workstation,ZTT Optoelectronic Transmission Research Institute,Submarine Engineering Technology Research Center,Jiangsu Enterprise Academician Workstation,Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center and five Nantong Engineering Technology Research Center,Chinese Academy of Science Electrical Engineering Research Institute & ZTT Super Conductivity Technology Research Center,Shanghai Jiaotong University & ZTT Joint Technology R&D Innovation Platform,Nanjing Post University Optic Fiber Technology Research Center, Zhejiang University & ZTT Joint Lab, SECRI & ZTT Joint Technology Development Center,etc. ZTT establishes R&D cooperation with the following universities: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chongqing Post and Telecom University,Central China Technology Institute,North China Electric Power University,State Grid Beijing Electrical Power Research Institute,Bao Steel Special Steel Research Center,etc.

ZTT establishes new energy resources research center,dedicating to the photovoltaic technology in the hope of coping with the increasing challenge of conventional resource shortage, nuclear power insecurity, unstable regional petrol supply,etc.

ZTT Systematic Management
Professional Systematic Management: Daily operations of the company: Enterprise Layout,Office Management, Financial Management,Personnel Management,Sales,Marketing,Publicity,Information,Production,Real Estate,Technical Managements. All these management provides guidelines and principles for each operational department, embodying the management philosophy of "People First".

ZTT Company Competitiveness Development Strategy
ZTT shifts its market focus from domestic to international. With constant changes in the economy, internationalization has been the utmost element of company development strategy. Internationalization in ZTT takes its first step in the market internationalization, with process, it shall broaden the scope to talents, capital internationalization, exploring a trial of pragmatic internationalization for private industry in China.

Facing with fierce competition in the global market, the awareness of crisis and challenge drive ZTT to constant innovation and entering the global capital operation market. The Development Strategy of Internationalization not only provides the company with world-class talents but also facilitates it with global merger and acquisition, leading to high-speed growth.

ZTT has taken good advantage of protective measures set of the telecommunicate industry set by the state for the period upon entering WTO,fastening the company development process, strengthening R&D ability, minimizing costs,enhancing company core competitiveness.Meanwhile,the access to WTO has given us Most-favored-nation treatment,which provides favorable foundation of entering the global market and expanding exports. Making best of these opportunities, ZTT shall further broaden its overseas market and keep the internationalization strategy as the sustainable developments.

ZTT has been aiming to establish a low-cost green industrial chain with its sustainable strategic development plan,which shall bring more profits for the economic development, protection for the environment and more care for the society.