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Caring for Employees

The most valuable asset of a business is talent.

Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co. Ltd (ZTT hereafter) has always been fair when recruiting various types of talents. With its competitive salary package and systematic training, the company assists the new recruits growing to global leaders. ZTT also encourages the employer and employees to have direct conversation and cooperation built on mutual trust and to establish innovative and creative organization culture.



Up to 2015, our company has a total staff of 8,000, among whom 250 are professional sales of overseas market and 50 are working in permanent overseas representative offices.


Talent Attraction:

In order to attract talents from both home and abroad, ZTT is carrying on various recruitment activities without any prejudice on gender, diplomat, age, nationality or religion but purely with the focus on capability. 


Enriched Employee Benefits:

ZTT will arrange a domestic leisure trip once or twice for its employees and their families each year. Meanwhile it will organize activities on main holidays, send gifts etc with the aim of creating a big family for its staff. 


Trade Union:

ZTT Trade Union was set up at the end of 2011. It has organized many activities so far including badminton games, soccer contest, all staff traveling etc.


Communication Channel Establishment among Employees:

ZTT provides its company business status and news to its staff through various channels and promote mutual understanding proactively between employer and employees. It shares its business operation results and strategy with employees through monthly meetings and collects opinions from employees via weekly newsletters.



Development Objectives:

1.    Project of Increasing Junior College degree holder for most Frontline key production staff:

With Zhongtian Technology Institute as the education base, the company will train its key staff on all aspects and increases the percentage of front line personnel with junior college degree from the current 30% to 60%.

2.    Project of Increasing Bachelor degree holder of mid-level management staff:

By cooperating with universities, the company will increase the percentage of bachelor degree of mid-level management team from the current 70% to 100%.

3.    Project of Introducing high level creative talents and key technical staff:

The company will invite scholars, professors, and introduce industry leaders, high technical and management talents, and gather all kinds of elites for rapid business development.