East Asia/Middle East

Tel:   86-0513-83599669

Email: Tommy.ye@zttcable.com

MSN: zhifeng_ye@hotmail.com

Europe/North America/Domestic EPC

Tel:  86-0513-83599502

Email: Ryan.shi@zttcable.com

MSN: ztsmq@hotmail.com

Commonwealth of independent states/South Asia

Tel:  86-0513-83599771

Email: Roger.tong@zttcable.com

New Energy

Tel:  86-0513-83599778

Email: Steven.fan@zttcable.com  


Submarine Cable Department

Tel:  86-0513-83599774

Email: Simon.wu@zttcable.com 

Overseas EPC

Name: Neo

Email: neo.che@zttcable.com

Africa & South China EPC

Name: Tony

Email: Tony.shi@zttcable.com 


Latin America

Name: Eric

Email: Eric.wu@zttcable.com

South Asia

Name: Bruce

Email: Bruce.bu@zttcable.com

Middle East Registered Subsidiary 
Name: Leo

Email: Leo.rong@zttcable.com

Europe Registered Subsidiary

Name: Alex

Email: alexfang.fang@zttcable.com 

North America Registered Subsidiary

Name: Kenshin

Email: Kenshin.zhou@zttcable.com


Contact Information for Overseas Factory and Office 


Brazil Factory

Name: Alexandre Prioste

Email:  contato@zttcable.com.br  

Tel: +55 12 3921 9900

India  Factory

Name: Peter

Email:  chenzf@chinaztt.com  

Tel: 00918886622452

        Uzbekistan Factory
        Name: Buronov. B.X.
        Email:  ztt@jizzaxtelekom.uz

        Tel: +998 955041410

Contact Information for Overseas  Office

Indonesia office

Name: Nick

Email: nick.guo@zttcable.com

Tel:  + 62-81318888086 

Myanmar office

Name: Paul

Email: paul.wang@zttcable.com

Tel: 9793108743

Thailand office

Name: Wade

Email: Wade.ni@zttcable.com

Tel:   971 55 299 3583

Malaysia office

Name: Andy

Email: Andy.li@zttcable.com

Tel:  +601151330818

Taiwan office

Name: Owen

Email: owen.sun@zttcable.com

Tel:  +886 978885287

Australia office

Name: Mount

Email: Mount.wan@zttcable.com

Tel:  +61499380381

UAE office

Name: Mansoor

Email: Mansoor.Liu@zttcable.com

Tel: 971 501045471 

India office

Name: Jimmy

Email: Jimmy.miao@zttcable.com

Tel:  91 9619971824

Bangladesh office

Name: Patrick

Email: Patrick.gu@zttcable.com

Tel:  +88-01756984115

Russia office

Name: Charles

Email: Charles.wang@zttcable.com

Tel:  79160209634

America office

Name: Kevin

Email: Kevin.gao@zttcable.com

Tel:  312-218-4284

Canada office

Name: Kenshin 

Email: Kenshin.zhou@zttcable.com

Tel:  312-866-6199

Peru office

Name: Frank

Email: Frank.he@zttcable.com

Tel:  +0051-987344886

Colombia office

Name: Carlos

Email: Carlos.jin@zttcable.com

Tel:  +0057-3125617567

Brazil office

Name: Rafael

Email: rafael.wang@zttcable.com

Tel:  55 12 996212202  

UAE/Abu Dhabi Submarine cable office

Name: Lary

Email: Lary.gu@zttcable.com

Tel:  +971566155694

Vietnam office

Name: Daniel

Email: Daniel.yuan@zttcable.com

Tel:  0084976821673

Philippines office

Name: Ivan

Email: Ivan.zhang@zttcable.com

Tel:  63 977 658 0613 

Cambodia office

Name: Vino

Email: Vino.chen@zttcable.com

Tel:  855963161375

Korea office

Name:  Susan

Email: susan.jiang@zttcable.com 

Tel: 15962718621

Iran office

Name: Anwar

Email: Anwar.zhang@zttcable.com

Tel:  98 912 3355653

Jordan office

Name: Ruth 

Email: Ruth.li@zttcable.com

Tel:  962 0799304858

Saudi Arabia

Name: William

Email: William.miao@zttcable.com

Tel:  966 503536523

Qatar/Kuwait office

Name: Jack

Email: Jack.tang@zttcable.com

Tel: 974 55540168/965 98558166

Oman office

Name: Aaron

Email: Aaron.Wan@zttcable.com


Turkey office

Name: Terrance

Email: Terrance.li@zttcable.com

Tel:  90 539 205 52 84


Name: Martin

Email: Martin.zhu@zttcable.com

Tel: 977 9813442627

Pakistan office

Name: Kevin

Email: Kevin.shi@zttcable.com

Tel:  0092-3341319118 

Sri Lanka office

Name: Johnny

Email: Johnny.wang@zttcable.com

Tel:  0094 768039503

Kyrghyzstan office

Name: Victor

Email: Victor.wang@zttcable.com

Tel:  996 550360215

Kazakhstan office

Name: Alicia

Email: Alicia.li@zttcable.com

Tel:  77751356186

Turkmen/Tajikistan office

Name: Sunny

Email: Sunny.zhang@zttcable.com

Tel:  86 18206270600/902900211

Belarus office

Name: liliya

Email: liliya.li@zttcable.com

Tel:  375299469345

Uzbekistan office

Name: Diana

Email: Diana.tang@zttcable.com

Tel:  998977718856

Singapore Office

Name: Roger

Email: Roger.cong@zttcable.com

Tel:  65-82450255


Name: Iger

Email: Iger.zhao@zttcable.com

Tel:  995593991566

       37477357589 / 994503281456


Name: Victor

Email: Victor.feng@zttcable.com

Tel+370 671 14 591



Email: ILYIN.DZMITRY@zttcable.com

Tel:380 669170966

Mongolia office

Name: Diana

Email: Diana.tang@zttcable.com

Tel: 976 95924938

Southern Europe office

Name: Iker

Email: Iker.shi@zttcable.com

Tel:  640 772 940

Northern/Western Europe office

Name: Alex

Email: alexfang.fang@zttcable.com

Tel +86 13405719986

Eastern Europe office

Name: Richard

Email: Richard.zheng@zttcable.com

Tel:  15262754120


Name: Blithe

Email: blithe.zhang@zttcable.com

Tel: 48 884 825 493 

The Baltic states office

Name: Victor   

Email: Victor.feng@zttcable.com

Tel:  370 624 62374 

Francophone Africa Office

Name: Leon.deng

Email: Sheldon.deng@zttcable.com

Tel:  00212633456013

East Africa 

Name: Larry

Email: Larry.zhong@zttcable.com

Tel:  251 962 155 597

Mexico office

Name: Vincent

Email: Vincent.yang@zttcable.com

Tel:  +52 55 9192 5926 

Chile office

Name: Laura

Email: Laura.chen@zttcable.com

Tel:  +56 9 57144556 

Ecuador/Bolivia Office

Name: Johnny

Email: Johnny.zhu@zttcable.com

Qatar/Iran Submarine cable Office

Name: Jose

Email: jose.zhang@zttcable.com

Tel:   97455567691/ 98 9371785625