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Project Warranty and After-sales Service Plan 

Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd (ZTT). is a listed company, registered in Nantong, Jiangsu, headquarters in Shanghai. Hereby for our after-sales service we sincerely make the following commitments to our clients:

1.The seller promises: Optical cables and splice closure provided are without raw material defaults and the problem of manufacture technology and meet technical requirements of technical specification document

2.The seller promises: In warranty period(12 months after passing inspection), replacement the trouble optical cable and splice closure for free because of the raw materials defaults and the problem of manufacture technology.

3.The seller promises: to the accidents during running, the seller will support clients in maintenance and troubleshooting unconditionally. And then we together canalize the causes and responsibility.


In order to ensure provide timely and thoughtful after-sales service, we do the following after-sales service commitments:

1.To all the terms stipulated in the contract the seller seriously carry out. And we welcome to our factories to supervise the manufacturing operation.

Seller should partial staging delivery or delivery goods to appointed storage points on time, according to clients' requirements.

2.The seller will send Secretary for personal to join end product examination, and responsible for inspection of incoming optical cable and splice closure together with part A, provide reliable technical data to party A.

3.Provide construction service. ZhongTian Technology has Professional construction team of optical cable and splice closure. If necessary, we can provide testing, cutting and opening, The work of troubleshooting repair and so on to party A.

4.The seller comply with the notice of customer, send person to make direct for test and installation of the optical cable, assist party A or construction company to train constructors and communicate with them on basic knowledge about laying of fiber optical cable and splice closure.

5.To ensure provide timely and efficient after-sales services, for this project, our company arranges sales and service persons as follows: when received the Services needed by clients feedback timely, if necessary, rushed to the scene, to solve customer problems.

6.24-hour service hotline: 0513-89191138