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Indonesia, CNOOC SES

The replacement 15 kV 1/0 AWG subsea cable Krib - Suna is located near Pabelokan island, Java sea, north Jakarta, Indonesia. ZTT and her local partner are contracted to supply and install 82,000 FT (around 25 km) subsea power cable by CNOOC SES Limited.

ZTT has supplied 15 kV subsea power cable to CNOOC SES Limited since 2009 and 82,000 FT shall be the longest continuous single length used by this client until now. The project was awarded in May 2012 and with her big annual capacity, ZTT finished production and delivered the cable to Jakarta port in August 2012. The cable was delivered in one length using one cable tank (totally 360 tons with cable inside) and cable loading at Shanghai port, sea transportation and unloading at Jakarta port were all handled by ZTT. Now the cable has operated without any fault for about one year.