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Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC Demonstration Project

Domestic China first and biggest multi-terminal VSC-HVDC demonstration project awarded to ZTT
Capabilities has yet demonstrated itself as ZTT won the “Multi-terminal VSC-HVDC demonstration project of ±200kV (Max.±220kv).

The cable route runs in the Northern Direction of Zhoushang City of Zhejiang Province. Looping 5 islands with 4 attachments gathering from South to the North. Contributing length are 48.6km from Dinghai to Daishang, 16.4km Daishang to Qushang, 36.2km Daishang to Yangshang and finally 29.2km from Yangshang to Sijiao. Maximum water depth is about 40meters, and seabed is mostly with clay and sand; but landing point covered heavily with grits and rocks.
ZTT designed ±200kV 1Cx1000sqmm cable with fiber optic and landed the cable at Dinghai, Yangshang and Sijiao; and spliced them to onshore cable with flexible joint on site.