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First domestic 3Core HV submarine cable project awarded to ZTT

ZTT won the offshore wind farm project from China Southern Power Grid entitled: Zhuhai Guishan Offshore Wind Farm Demonstration Project.  This is the first domestic 3Core HV submarine cable project in China.
The entire investment is constructed by South Offshore Wind Development Company  and is located in the west sea area of Lingdindyang and Guishan Island at Zhujiang River of Zhujiang province; among the ring islands of Qingzhou, Sanjiao, Dalu, Xilu, Datoushou and Chitan Island. The project utilized composite cable of 64/110Kv, 3Cx500mm2 + 24 fibers; covering a total area of 33km2, water depth of 6m to 12m, 66 turbines of capacity 3MW producing a total of 198MW installation capacity. It connects the Guishan Island, Dongao Island, Dawanshan Island to Zhuhai City