Submarine Cable Accessory

ZTT provides reliable and comprehensive accessory system solutions for submarine cable installation, termination, protection and operation. Independent design & analysis capability and rigorous testing achieves outstanding product quality and performance, strict manufacturing process control guarantees the products stability.

Reference Standards

The accessories design complies with but not limit to typical DNV, ISO, API,etc. Also, technical specification of individual project provides guidance for the accessory design in order to ensure the suitable application in specific areas and conditions.

Type & Purposes

ZTT has developed series standard accessories as below, and is also willing and capable to design the protection system or termination equipment for customized requirement.


J-tube Seal Single eye chinese finger


Abandonment kitHang off


Pull-in headBend restrictor


Repair joint box – PowerRepair joint box - Fiber


J-tube centralizerSplit cast iron protection pipe


Split flexible protection sleeveBeach joint

Branch joint

Other accessories, like flame retardant sleeve, tie back grip, buoy system, etc and special requirement can be designed, supplied as per project requirement.


In order to solve any concern of cable laying, ZTT has built in-house experienced & authorized team to provide the site installation, supervision, and in-house training.