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ZTT Submarine Assist “Marine Oil 111”FPSO to Resume Production

Recently, the eye-catching "Marine Oil 111" made second appearance in public after the first dock repair. The submarine optical fiber composite dynamic cable and its accessories in the Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) have restored normal operation and have been working well. The successful completion of this dynamic cable installation project marked ZTT Submarine has been able to provide repair service of submarine optical fiber composite dynamic deep-sea cable, seal preservation in seabed, dynamic cable tie-back, the design and manufacturing of accessories, testing in harsh environment and installation of accessories, of which the technology for structure of seal-preserved cable has even successfully gone through the test during the complicated environment with hundreds of water depth in the sea, and has been highly praised by the customers and specialists.

The "Marine Oil 111" FPSO is a large comprehensive base for offshore oil production, which also has the residence zone for staff and a production command system. Its hull was designed by MARIC in 2001, and was put into construction in Panyu Oil Field on October 1st, 2003, and its construction speed has become a world record. Now this base has been running for nearly 15 years, and has cumulatively produced more than 280 million barrels of crude oil, making great contributions to the development of oil and gas field. In April, 2018, it accepted its first special inspection and repair to expand its working life. After the dock repair, the "Marine Oil 111" has returned with new look and will keep serving to play an important role in China’s development of marine oil.

During the repairing of "Marine Oil 111", two dynamic cables should be unfixed and tied back once again. After taking over this project, ZTT Submarine made active response and built a team going for site inspection to complete the testing of cable preparation and find out technological solution of anchoring, seal and junction box. Finally, the team put forward a creative structure design for cable seal preservation and special seal anchoring, and they also made three overall detailed construction solutions.

In the stage of unfixing and recycling, ZTT Submarine sent sophisticated constructors, who were 24 hours available to the construction site and overcame the difficulty of intensive work in hot environment, and safely and efficiently completed the project with high quality ahead of time. The subamrine optical fiber composite dynamic cable and its accessories are successfully taken from the seabed and removed from seal preservation 24 days earlier than the original plan.

With the development of marine economy, the industry of oceaneering is faced with new opportunities. The project of "Marine Oil 111" FPSO has made a complete success, which is another milestone in the offshore engineering history of ZTT Submarine. Now ZTT Submarine has completed many development projects of offshore oil and gas and many dynamic cable projects of offshore new energy and has been capable of designing, producing, manufacturing, testing and construction. Aiming at being high-end, scalable, and highly qualified, it insists on the development path featured with precise manufacturing and technological innovation, reinforces structure adjustment of products and industry to make marine cables systematized, and endeavors to become the main constructor. It has been striving to be the model enterprise that can provide powerful support for marine industry.

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