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An Honor for Chinese Companies: ZTT Invited to UN Headquarters

On March 12th, the second anniversary of ZTT’s Trademark Day, the Company’s representatives were invited to the United Nations Headquarters to brief the agency and IBF officers on its business globalization. ZTT’s efforts were highly appreciated by the two international agencies.

Mr. Zhuang Lele-IBF’s North America chief in New York, he acknowledged that ZTT has been focusing on precise manufacturing with constant progress, and is now able to cooperate with its edges in global markets. ZTT’s special optical fiber cable has prevailed in the global market, and has become an outstanding representative of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

ZTT tried to globalize its business as early as in 2002, when it became one of the first several Chinese companies to explore global markets for its optical communication field. Over the past 15 years of quest, ZTT managed to set up 6 registered subsidiaries and 58 overseas branch offices that combine to cover the entire globe, and the Company’s products were exported to over 140 countries/regions within this period. Currently the Company is operating 5 overseas manufactories stationed in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Uzbekistan and Morocco, both promoting employment and tax revenue for these regions and increasing growth opportunities for ZTT itself.

As ZTT steps up layout of its business across the globe, its products start to show increasing force in overseas markets. The Company also has become more influential and powerful in global markets with innovative technologies. As the primary contractor, ZTT successfully acquired several EPC projects from India’s national grid, completed Bangladesh submarine cable EPC project and won the 155kV submarine cable EPC project from TenneT in Germany, marking it has led into the world's most advanced European submarine cable market and been able to undertake social responsibilities.

Guided by the United Nations’ aim to “pursue sustainable growth”, ZTT has been offering power products to underdeveloped countries and helping these regions to optimize transmission lines, lower energy consumption, and protect ecosystem. Meanwhile, ZTT’s telecom products have provided local residents with great convenience and filled digital gaps they suffered.

In the meeting, Mr. Ye Zhenhua-ZTT’s CBO pointed out that the Company’s goal for 2018 is to “reconfigure global opportunities and improve growth qualities”, an idea that will guide the Company’s business layout, quality control and clarify its direction of brand globalization. Mr. Ye said, ZTT will adhere to its mission of “connect the world with optical/electric transmission lines; serve the globe with precise manufactured products”, combine its business with China’s national initiative of “the Belt and Road”, and aim to build up a global trademark.

This era is providing Chinese companies with abundant opportunities, which ZTT will rely on to step up globalization of its trademark. The world is expecting to enjoy more wonders created by ZTT.

ZTT Group 

ZTT Group, global leading manufacturer, is active in the development, design, production, supply and installation of wide application ranges in telecom, power, renewable energy and oil & gas.

ZTT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600522.SH) on Oct 24, 2002. ZTT has broken through the $6.86 billion mark in revenue in 2017, and is becoming a truly global company which products supplied in 147 countries, with 58 overseas branch offices, 6 registered subsidiaries, 60 subsidiaries, 7 research & development centers and over 13,000 employees.