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A Review of ZTT’s Contracted Projects in 2017

There’ve been changes everywhere in the world. Let’s take a browse at ZTT’s contribution to such changes.

Our first stop is Germany. Here ZTT secured a 155kV submarine cable project as the general contractor. It’s the first time a Chinese company entered high-end cable market in Europe, a case to stimulate growth of China’s cable industry.

Our second stop is Saudi Arabia, where ZTT initiated partnership with Saudi Aramco, the world’s largest oil company.

Then we came to Uzbekistan amidst the Silk Road. Xue Chi - ZTT’s president, was greeted by vice premier of the country and chairmen of its investment committee, marking a step further in cooperation between ZTT and UZ.

Let’s look over across India and the Indian Ocean to Indonesia. ZTT just started construction of its overseas manufactory here.

Let’s look further to North America. ZTT has just contracted a hydropower project. We also participated in construction of the largest cross-Canada project.

Let’s now fly over the Pacific Ocean to Australia’s Kangaroo Island, a scenic place with blue sky, clean ocean water, as well as the innocent and brisk kangaroos. ZTT was connecting the island with a 33kV submarine cable to promote its scenes and facilitate life on it.

Let’s look back to China. ZTT was hanging its OPGW products and fittings over the Yellow River. A bang finalized the arrangement of the world’s highest-voltage power transmission line over this natural moat.

This is Sanyi Village of Taishi Town, deep in the mountains of Lintao County, Gansu Province. Here A 25-Megawatt photovoltaic plant was just connected to the power grid. This is a model project that ZTT subcontracted under the mission of “targeted poverty relief”.

Here we climbed over mountains to the Tibet Plateau again. ZTT’s OPGW composed the third power transmission line over the clouds.

Finally, let’s go back to our base. ZTT’s engineering subsidiary was constructing a photovoltaic station for the 5th field of Muyuan Corporation’s Hekou branch. In 2017 the engineering subsidiary contracted a variety of projects that covered communication, electricity, photovoltaic power, and smart systems, becoming ZTT’s most energetic force.

This is the end of our 2017 journey. Let’s meet again in 2018. We believe you’ll see more places and enjoy more wonders that ZTT is to create!

ZTT Group 

ZTT Group, global leading manufacturer, is active in the development, design, production, supply and installation of wide application ranges in telecom, power, renewable energy and oil & gas.

ZTT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600522.SH) on Oct 24, 2002. ZTT has broken through the $6.86 billion mark in revenue in 2017, and is becoming a truly global company which products supplied in 147 countries, with 58 overseas branch offices, 6 registered subsidiaries, 60 subsidiaries, 7 research & development centers and over 13,000 employees.