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How ZTT achieved CNY 44.65 billion sales with a 29.4% increase

Just after the New Year, ZTT brought another good news that the Company achieved a sales revenue of 44.65 billion CNY in 2017. Faced with the severe situation of real economy fluctuations and unprecedentedly increased operating pressure, it is really not easy for ZTT to reach a growth rate of 29.4% in sales. Everyone wants to know the source of such business performance.

In 2017, ZTT adhered to the industry for its main business, precision manufacturing and technological innovation for the wing, worked hard with development priority. In accordance with the operating principle of "Two Promotions and Two Extensions", ZTT actively adapted to and grasped the new normal of economic development, made progress and ensured stability, which lays a solid foundation for the growth of its business performance.

The analysis of the components of ZTT business data of 2017 shows that the industrial layout and growth structure of the Company are undergoing major changes. ZTT successfully raised funds of 4.3 billion CNY from targeted sources, which promotes the production of high-performance pilot source power lithium batteries used by new energy vehicles, submarine optical cables used by Energy Internet and special optical fiber products. The operation of these new projects has increased the potential for sustained performance growth and further improved the Company’s strength. Relying on the technological accumulation in regard to optical communication, smart grid and big data and seizing the opportunity of Internet of Everything, ZTT has conducted an overall layout of "Internet of Things + Industry", exerted great efforts on intelligent manufacturing and enhanced the Company’s competitiveness in the transformation and upgrading. New energy catches up from behind, service industry develops with significant momentum and major industries produce a synergistic amplification effect, which provides a new driving force for the development of the real economy.

In addition, by virtue of "The Belt and Road", ZTT has expanded and started many projects overseas: built factories in Indonesia and Morocco; launched Phase II project of the factory in India and officially operated Hong Kong Limited; continued to drive the market with energy-saving conductor and further expanded the share; made new breakthroughs in overseas wind power and hydropower projects by high-voltage submarine cables; won the world's largest total package project of charged construction. All the gratifying achievements added weight to the sales revenue of 2017.

Innovation is the motive force and brand building is critical for the sustainable development of enterprises. The performance growth is inseparable from the support of innovation and brand influence. In 2017, ZTT continued to intensify R&D and a total of 32 new products and technologies were certified, which adds strong impetus to the industrial development of the Company. ZTT has successively won the honors of Jiangsu Quality Award, Top 10 Global Most Competitive Submarine Cable Enterprises, National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise, etc., ranked front among China's top 500 companies, which further improves its industry status.

Xue Jiping, chairman of ZTT, clearly put forward the guiding ideology of "globally allocating space for economic development to achieve high-quality growth" in his 2018 New Year's speech. At the time of the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, ZTT is bound to enlarge development advantages, release development potential and gain breakthroughs in 2018. The Company will distribute space all over the world for economic growth with improvement in rate and quality and change from product to brand. A new, vigorous and world-renowned ZTT is worth expecting.

ZTT Group 

Established in 1992, ZTT started from optical fiber communications. Having benefited from the state’s policies of reform and opening up, ZTT has developed a diversified industrial pattern of telecom, power grid, renewable energy, marine system and precision equipment, and so on.

ZTT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600522.SH ) on Oct 24, 2002. ZTT has broken through the $6.86 billion mark in revenue in 2017, and is becoming a truly global company which products supplied in 147 countries, with 58 overseas branch offices, 6 registered subsidiaries, overseas plants in India, Brazil, Uzbekistan, Indonesia and Morocco, 7 research & development centers and over 13,000 employees.