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ZTT, Always Concerns for Social Benefit

Currently, a wide range of persistent rainstorm raged through Hunan and Jiangxi provinces, leading to the impairment of the communication base station and the transmission lines.

Regarding this situation, ZTT Group has started rescue emergency plan in the first time. Our sales is active to get in touch with the local communication operator to know more about the damage of the transmission line and requirement of the fiber optical cable.

In order to ensure the quality of the relief materials, ZTT had opened the fiber optical cable green path with our management’ comprehensive tracking and our staff’s careful detection, preferentially guaranteeing the supply of the raw material. Currently, the first batch of the urgent fiber optical cable was delivered to Hunan and Jiangxi provinces on time, while the second batch of the increased relief materials is in preparation.

As the national social responsibility benchmark enterprise, ZTT is deeply concerning for the social benefit and brave to undertake the social responsibility. ZTT would persistently focus on the disaster-stricken areas and actively provide the communication support, making more contributions for helping people of the ravaged areas to rebuild their beautiful homes.

ZTT Group 

ZTT Group, global leading manufacturer, is active in the development, design, production, supply and installation of wide application ranges in telecom, power, renewable energy and oil & gas.

ZTT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600522.SH) on Oct 24, 2002. ZTT has broken through the $5.01 billion mark in revenue in 2016, and is becoming a truly global company which products supplied in 144 countries, with 48 overseas branch offices, 6 registered subsidiaries, 50 plants (including 4 overseas plants), 7 research & development centers and over 12,000 employees.