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ZTT Cooperating with Most Countries Along “One Belt, One Road”

Beijing, 8 May 2017, ZTT Group - leading global manufacturer of cable systems, attended “Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation”. During the forum, as the first batch of “Going Abroad” national enterprise in wire & cable industry, ZTT had a summary of the cooperative countries along “One Belt, One Road”. Among the 65 (including China) countries along “One Belt, One Road”, we have cooperated with 59 countries, realizing the 92.19% country coverage.

Tom. Qu, GM of ZTT International thinks that, cooperation is not only doing business, but also meeting the demands for most of the along countries which are the transforming, developing and emerging market countries with strong financial requirements and high demands of infrastructure.

Given the online operation of power products for over 200,000 km in the countries along “One Belt, One Road”, ZTT has optimized the local transmission lines, reduced the energy consumption for the local power lines and protected the ecological environment with output of the innovative technology for energy-saving conductor, special electric optical cable , etc.

Given the online operation of telecom products for over 500,000 km in the countries along “One Belt, One Road”, ZTT has brought more convenient life and made great contributions for billions of people, with supplying fiber optical cables, radio-frequency cables, broadband access and so forth.

With Providing the technology of lithium battery and construction of the PV stations to replace the traditional thermal power, ZTT enjoys tremendous popularity from the local residents of the countries along “One Belt, One Road”.

In addition, Tom. Qu expressed that, ZTT is actively participating in the construction of the infrastructure for the countries along “One Belt, One Road” and making efforts in power transmission & distribution projects and renewable energy EPC, etc. Currently, ZTT has plants operating in India, Brazil, Uzbekistan and Indonesia and would set up 10 overseas manufacturing bases, 20 subsidiaries and 40 registered abroad offices in 2025.

ZTT Group 

ZTT Group, global leading manufacturer, is active in the development, design, production, supply and installation of wide application ranges in telecom, power, renewable energy and oil & gas.

ZTT was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Stock Code 600522.SH) on Oct 24, 2002. ZTT has broken through the $5.01 billion mark in revenue in 2016, and is becoming a truly global company which products supplied in 144 countries, with 48 overseas branch offices, 6 registered subsidiaries, 50 plants (including 4 overseas plants), 7 research & development centers and over 12,000 employees.