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Research & Development

Innovation is a part of ZTT mechanism. ZTT Institute of Science & Technology, ZTT Research Center and other innovative platforms of Production, Study and Research create sources of innovation for sustainable growth of the company.

1. Strategic Development Research Center (Shanghai HQ)
2. Fiber Optics Research Center (Nantong)
3. Up-rating Conductor Research Center (Rudong)
4. Material Research Center (Nantong)
5. Submarine Cable Research Center (Nantong)
6. Optic Equipment Research Center (Shanghai Xinzhuang)
7. New Energy Research Center (Shanghai)

ZTT research institutes provide strategic, technical and informative support to the Group and subsidiaries on strategic development, production chains, technology and business planning, technical mechanism, standards, new tech, new material, new products and new equipment.

ZTT research institutes have 140 professional technicians. There are 8 high-level innovative talents and professors who enjoy the allowances provided by State Council. And there are also 22 senior engineers, 25 PhD and MA.

ZTT actively carry out scientific research institutions, and maintain cooperative relations with Zhejiang University, DuPont, and a series of institutions and well-known enterprises.